About Me

Growing up in the lush Niagara wine region of southern Ontario, I was surrounded by natural beauty which served as artistic inspiration. For as long as I can recall, creative writing has been a source of joy and excitement for me.

I began writing professionally in 2012, and gained experience in content strategy, search engine optimization, research, client outreach, and brand coordination.

My sharp eye for detail and innovative use of language made for a remarkably simple transition to writing for the creative industries. To date, I have contributed to select publications with articles about art, music, fashion, beauty, travel, interior design, culture, psychology, philosophy, aesthetics, and the intersection of all of the above.




Stories resonate the deepest when they are told in the simplest way. A minimalist by nature, my work is vivid yet concise. I write in an accessible and direct manner, favouring quality over quantity.


I take pride in my intuitive understanding of individual voice. My stylistic versatility has enabled me to confidently take the lead on a very wide variety of projects and create content that feels uniquely personal to each client and publication.


I keep one eye on the wider picture at all times. I tailor my work to specific audiences, regard the details as significant, and ensure that every word in a sentence serves a purpose.


Content that demands attention rarely finds the audience it needs. I tell stories that are bold and persuasive—without overwhelming the senses.